How to take a food sensitivity Test | Optiway
Test Steps

1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry completely and use the alcohol swab to wipe your whole fingertip from which the sample will be taken and allow it to dry.

2. Remove the cap from the bottom of the sample tube.

3. Twist and pull the safety seal from the lancet.

4. Whilst standing, hold your hand below your waist, and gently massage your finger to increase blood flow.

Provide the sample

5. Place the open-end tip of the lancet on the fingertip not too close to your fingernail and firmly press the lancet down to activate the spring action release.

6. Wipe the first drop of blood away with the alcohol swab.

7. Continue to massage the finger from the base to the puncture site to stimulate blood flow.

8. The finger should be held upside down so that it is easier to collect the blood.

9. Lightly touch the bulging drop of blood with the capillary to collect the blood.

10. If necessary, the tube can be lightly tapped on a hard surface which will allow the blood to fall to the bottom of the tube.

11. Continue filling the tube up to the 100μl (micro-liter) line.

Arrange Collection

12. Remove the capillary unit cap and replace it with the cap that was removed from the bottom of the tube. (Step 2)

13. Wipe the fingertip clean with the alcohol swab and apply the plaster provided.

14. Place the sample and used lancet/s in the plastic zip lock bag.

15. Place the zip lock bag with the signed form and unused lancets, if applicable, in the collection kit.

16. Store the collection kit in the refrigerator (2-8°C) until transported to the laboratory.

  • Return the bag to your practitioner or contact  to arrange a courier. 
  • You can also drop off the sample or use your own courier.