Test Steps

1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry completely. 

2. Open the blood collection tube, stand the open tube upright and place  blood collection tube the cap upside down.

3. Using the swab, wipe the whole fingertip (ring or middle finger) and allow swab to dry.

4. Twist and pull the thin protruding plastic safety seal from the lancet.

Provide the sample

5. Place the open-end tip of the lancet on the finger and firmly press down tip press on the lancet trigger.

6. Stand up, hold your hand below your waist and gently massage your finger towards the puncture site to encourage blood flow.

7. Wipe the first droplet of blood away. 

8. If needed, continue to massage the finger from the base to obtain more massage blood.

9. Draw your finger over the inner rim of the tube to scrape the blood off into the tube.

10. If necessary, gently tap the tube to allow the blood to fall to the bottom of the tube.

11. Continue filling the tube up to the white line.

Arrange Collection

12. Securely press the cap back onto the blood tube. A click must be heard. 

13. Wipe the fingertip clean and apply the plaster provided. 

14. Return the sample, form and both lancets to the kit box. 

15. Place the collection kit box into the plastic bag provided and seal.

16. Ideally, store the bag in the refrigerator (2-8°C) until collection. Please do not freeze

  • Return the bag to your practitioner or contact  to orders@optiway.co.za arrange a courier. 
  • You can also drop off the sample or use your own courier.
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